Making Friends with Debt

So, I did the two-cup manifestation method.

My 2nd cup (my future) was labeled “zero balance on my credit card.”

Then a few days later I lost my debit card, and had to use my credit card for all purchases.

This was the Universe helping me reach my goal ...

because now I had to really look at my credit card purchases ...

and focus my energy on it. 

I changed fear and dread, to thank you and gratitude for having my special loving credit card as a backup. 

Essentially, I made friends with my debt.

I decided that I would put as much as possible on my credit card ...and when I make purchases I put much more back on my credit card.

So for example, if I make a $50 purchase on my credit card, I transfer $100 from my bank account onto the CC.

My sales have quadrupled since doing this.

My fear has dissolved.

This summer my vehicle is paid off so that’s an extra $348 on my credit card.

I haven’t yet gotten a new debit card. And I don’t want to. This is working for me. 

Learn more about the 2 cup Method here:


Happy manifesting! ❤️