2 Cup Manifestation Method

This is an easy technique to attract a situation that is better and more improved than the one you're currently in.


Grab two glasses and write down on Glass 1 your Present situation. 
Glass 2 will be what you want to happen - your new reality.

Step 2: Pour water into glass 1 until it's just over the top part of the tape

Think about the negative ways your present situation makes you feel. 

(Kind of like a mini pity party.)

Water has energetic memory, just look at the fascinating research from Dr Masaru Emoto !!

The water will hold memory of your present situation.

Step 3: Pour the water from Glass 1 into Glass 2

We want to place our current undesired reality into a new container - The one where our situation is better and improved.

In the second cup, the energy will be re-programmed to your desired intent and be manifested in the physical world.


As we are pouring the water into the new glass, we are thinking about how awesome our new reality is and how good it feels!

The energy in the water from Cup 1 (the present time) will be re-programmed in Cup 2 to your desired intent and be manifested in the physical world.

Step 4: Drink the water from Glass 2, your new reality! Cheers!

As you're drinking the water, think about how good your new reality fells, and how it makes you smile.


Cheers to a new and better life! 

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