Full Flower Supermoon in Scorpio: May 7, 2020

May 7, 2020 marks the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio (a water sign). 


Here's our last supermoon of 2020 folks!


It's called The Flower Full Moon because Spring signifies the flowers in bloom.


It'll be a bit wet and rainy because the full moon magnetizes everything to the surface, just like she magnetizes the water of the ocean towards herself to create tides.


Scorpio is associated to the transformation card in Tarot. Scorpio energy sees beyond the superficial and gets to the heart of the matter. (sidenote: by the way, Scorpio people make great detectives.)


This is a very intuitive time for us to see past illusion as well as forming deep emotional connections with our partners - especially during sexy time.


Time to see past all the bull.

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