How to Love a Gemini

May 21 - June 21



Who's that social butterfly at the party? Why it's your Gemini of course!

(Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and thought.)


Active and witty, with piercing eyes, and hair that is usually on the fair side.

Just like the twins they represent in the zodiac, a Gemini can go from talkative and charming to sullen and contemplative the next. 

Always surprising us, our Gemini people love to talk and keep us on our toes.  Some are practical jokers, but in essence, they are always busy doing something. Many of them have two jobs.


As an air sign, they are intellectual and always have ideas in their head.  But often they lack the follow-through (unless there are other influences in their overall chart that help with grounding.)


Curious and cunning, your Gemini is a complex and very interesting creature indeed.  They will comment on the world as is it happening.  Their communicative skills enable them to sometimes manipulate the truth just a little bit in order to convince others.  Many good sales people are Geminis with the gift of the gab. 

Some Geminis also make good counselors, journalists, writers and civil engineers because of their Mercury mind influences.


They dislike feeling bored and lonely, people who don't listen, or those who have firm and rigid opinions.


A Gemini is great with speech and ideas, but not so great at emotional stuff.  There can be a lack of empathy towards others' emotions, only because they prefer to dissect the cerebral aspects instead. 


So don't get upset if your Gemini doesn't seem to understand your feelings.  If you can make it more of a mind thing instead, you'll improve your connection.  Remember, they use talking to hide their own genuine feelings.


Some life lessons for a Gemini is to learn to keep secrets, and not use their tongue in a sharp manner.  Learning to use the tongue to uplift and inspire others rather than gossip, misinformation, or slander.


Looking for Gemini gift ideas?

They like gadgets, especially the latest communication devices. Jewelry, theatre tickets and certain types of books.  If your Gemini loves healing gemstones, think:

Apatite, Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Chrysoprase, Serpentine, Tiger's Eye and Zoisite.


If we ever get to travel again, take them to Italy, Belgium, New York, San Francisco, Germany or London.


Lily-of-the-Valley, ferns and lavender are good house warming plants for them as well.


You can count on your special Gemini to help you bounce back from any setback.

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