Jupiter • Saturn Conjunction * December 21, 2020 Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Tips

Greetings! Have you heard about how Jupiter and Saturn will appear super close together in Earth’s sky during the winter solstice on December 21st?

They’ll be the closest in 800 years!  

If you have a clear sky, take some time to watch them, connect with them and tune into their amplified energies. Astrologically, this conjunction is happening in Aquarius (my sun sign!) and it brings a lot of social changes.  

It’s happening at 0 degrees for a completely new beginning, sending off the old crap, and rethinking the future.It’s time to let go of outdated society models that are not based on unity and collaboration.  It is also time to focus on a new dream and a new vision moving forward!

What can you do to give yourself a boost?

  1. Play this 4096 Hz YouTube video as you walk around your house to cancel, clear and delete old energy, to make way for the new! It’s very powerful stuff; you’ll hear the sound change when you encounter bad energy areas. (Use earplugs if the sound is too much for you.) 

  2. Get a custom orgone energy pyramid, plate or pendant intuitively created just for you! Protection, spiritual ascension, health benefits and much more.
    We have energy tools to support you. (Reply to this email and I will help you.)
  3. Get an intuitive reading! Find out what’s in store for you and discover how to make 2021 rock! Visit my readings page to order.

  4. Make an essential oil spray of Frankincense, White Sage, Cinnamon and Orange.  Mix with filtered or orgone energy water. Spray it everywhere after your sound healing cleanse.
  5. It’ll bring the smells of The Holidays as well as protecting and cleansing your energy fields. Don’t have those oils? Make a spray with what you have! All essential oils raise the frequency...they increase the energetic vibration of your environment.


Happy Winter Solstice!


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