Education: Luxe Orgonite™

Since 2010, I've been making orgone energy devices for healing and balancing our inner and outer environments.

what are they?

Orgone pyramids and other devices accumulate the orgone energy from the atmosphere to provide numerous health benefits, energy protection, and spiritual growth.


orgone energy benefits:

  • helps purify the atmosphere, crystals, plants, food, water, aura & chakra energy centers
  • protects against EMF from cell phones, electronics, microwaves, and Wi-Fi
  • ignites plant growth, induces a restful sleep
  • helps neutralize the skies from heavy metals due to geo-engineering and weather modification
  • increases clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis & other spiritual intuitive abilities
  • improves your relationships through better communication and a joie-de-vivre
  • Feels very calm and Zen

Orgone has no mass and is also known as Chi or Prana. It is an energy in the atmosphere that is being researched:

The American College of Orgonomy


They're originally based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Karl Hans Welz (who had trademarked the phrase “Orgonite”) 


The late Don Croft and his intuitive wife Carol brought crystal orgone generating devices to the masses, which started movements such as Orgonise Africa to bring rain and cure disease.


Orgone generators use the piezoelectric principle.

As the device cures and dries, it creates a squeezing effect on the quartz and other crystals, which mixed with the correct ratio of metal, unleashes the positive, healing orgone for better health, EMF protection and well-being.


The devices are a favorite of Reiki practitioners.

proof of orgone energy

Since orgone has no mass, I captured the energy vortex it makes from my handmade orgone charging plates, that you can actually see with your own eyes... using frozen water:

With no charging plate, this is just a regular glass of frozen water.

Oooh!  Now we have something interesting. The water freezes clear at the bottom but with a cool vortex of energy!

If we look closely at the vortex we can see some neat streams of energy with all my loving intent inside of them.

what's inside?

Orgone Generators need 3 Things to Work:

  1. Resin: fiberglass or epoxy for example, which squeezes everything as it dries for the piezoelectric effect
  2. Assorted Metal: i.e. gold flake, brass, steel, metal powder, metal beads/shavings/flakes of different sizes and shapes
  3. Quartz crystal (the other gemstones are just bonuses)

Layering is key to having a really powerful orgone device.

they cannot work without metal.

Here are some Kirlian photos of various metals used in orgone devices, and what the energy looks like.

our extras:

We like to add a few extra special things to our orgone devices to increase the energy:

  • copper wrapping the master quartz crystal
  • chakra gemstones for balancing
  • tesla coils
  • kyanite & selenite & shunghite for grounding and charging
  • doTERRA hospital grade essential oil
  • solfeggio healing music during the curing process for increased vibrational frequency
  • Reiki energy
  • prayer & loving energetic thoughts

** Our orgone energy devices have the proper ratio of metal and resin to generate strong orgone for healing benefits. **

Orgone Energy Videos