Energy Tools for Ascension & Manifestation

Intuitive readings, powerful orgone energy manifestation tools & chakra balance products for a magical life.

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The Power of 8 Oracle

Chakra oracle cards that provide energy healing, affirmations and intuitive guidance all-in-one!

Orgonite Pyramids

Orgone energy pyramids for manifestation, spiritual growth & EMF protection.

Orgonite Plates

Place your water, food and crystals on top of these orgonite plates & coasters to energetically charge & cleanse.

Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone crystal pendants and necklaces for chakra energy balancing.

Unique Orgones

Orgonite with an artistic feel. For EMF protection and health benefits.

Orgone Pendants

Orgone pendants for portable energy healing!

Chakra Bracelets

Lovingly handmade chakra energy balancing jewelry for spiritual and physical well-being.

Gemstone Healing

Healing Rocks! A variety of healing gemstone specimens for your collection. 

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