Energy Healing Products

Cleanse & Balance your external and internal energy fields with our unique and powerful tools & jewelry.

energy oracle cards

The POWER of 8 is a unique chakra oracle deck that provides energy healing, affirmations & intuitive guidance all in one!

orgonite pyramids

Orgone energy pyramids for health benefits, spiritual growth and EMF protection.

wine glass charms

Cute wine glass charms made with healing gemstones to balance and ignite your chakra centers.

gemstone pendants

Gemstone crystal pendants and necklaces for chakra energy balancing.

artsy orgonite

Orgonite with an artistic feel. For EMF protection and health benefits.

orgonite coasters

Place your water, food and crystals on top of these orgonite coasters to energetically charge & cleanse.

chakra energy bracelets

Lovingly handmade chakra energy balancing jewelry for spiritual and physical well-being.

gemstone healing

Healing Rocks!

A variety of healing gemstone specimens for your collection. 

the salt water cure

Salt water cure packages available for

absorbing negative energy in your home.

Orgone Pendants

Orgone pendants for portable energy healing!

Bach Rescue

Bach Flower Remedy
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

An alternative method of healing using plant based essences.  A few drops under your tongue and you`re good to go!

Opalite Rings

Ignite your sexy, feminine side!

Helps during times of transition and transformation.

a youtube review of orgonite

intuitive readings menu:

* Couples Reading Video *
  How can we make our relationship amazing and long lasting?    * An in-depth intuitive pre-recorded video that you can watch again and again with your spouse. (Since it's a video, there is no feeling of judgement or a couns ... (Read More)
*Health Reading Video + Distance Healing
  Heal Yourself Naturally: Get to the root of your health ailments using energy healing...   Filled with intuitive guidance, useful healing techniques and a personal distance energy healing audio at the end.   ... (Read More)
*Phone Reading: Intuitive Consultation*
  Fortune Telling is so old school...Create your Ideal Future Instead! Live the beautiful life you're meant to have, with courage and happiness.   Before our intutiive reading,  I will tune into you and get a feel for ... (Read More)
From $65.00
Astrology Birthday Report
  Want to know what will happen for a whole year?   Solar Returns! A predictive astrology report for the year following your birthday. Learn about your energies for the year, where to be, what to do... and what to exp ... (Read More)
Career + Business Reading Video
  Unlock the secrets of career and business...   - Am I in the right job?  - Where is my career heading towards? - What could my child do for a career?  - How can I improve my home business?   - W ... (Read More)
Energy Clearing Service ~ Spiritual Cleansing
Wouldn't it be nice to be free of negative energy?   Sometimes we have negative spiritual activity, alien activity or bad energy in the home that we just want to GO AWAY. Take me through your house on video or phone and we w ... (Read More)
Love Reading Video
  Unlock the secrets of your relationship with a psychic love reading video...   Is there love in my future? Is he my soulmate? My Twinflame? Where can I find love? What can I do to attract more ... (Read More)
Mini Reading: 1-Question
Need a Quickie?   Sometimes we just want to know something quickly, with none of the extra stuff. I am known for accurate event predictions and can show you how to attract a more favorable outcome.   Your 1-Que ... (Read More)
Soul Path Reading Video
  Your path to enlightenment...   What are the lessons I need to learn in this lifetime? Why was I born? What are my gifts to the world?  Find out your soul path and the lessons you are here to learn with an intuitive ... (Read More)
Spiritual Mediumship Reading
Connect with your departed loved one...   It's so nice to know that your loved one who has passed is now at peace, happy, and no longer suffering in the Earthly body. Now, you can receive your loving messages on text or on a pe ... (Read More)
From $35.00
Tarot Card Reading ~Pre-Recorded Video
  Choose Your Deck!  An Intuitive Tarot Card Video Reading for clarity and understanding...   Gain clarity, confidence and personal power from a respected intuitive guide.   What do I need to know? Wh ... (Read More)