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Astrology · February 09, 2023
How to seduce your partner this Valentine’s Day: Find out where their Venus is located in their Astro-Chart! HINT: You’ll need to use an online free calculator like And key in their date of birth. Look at their VENUS placement: Venus in Aries: These sexy, fiery people need constant excitement in relationships. (Think Liz Taylor & Marilyn Monroe) If things slow down they start looking elsewhere. So give them a spontaneous date with some exciting...

Astrology · January 26, 2021
✨#VenusConjunctionPluto on Thursday January 28, 2021✨ ✅ This feels emotional, passionate and perhaps strongly sexual. ✅ It can be a good time to make those important financial decisions that you’ve been thinking of lately. ✅ You can feel very empowered and strong at this time. #themoontreedotorg #astroconjunctions #astrologicalaspects #astrologicalconjunctions