Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself:

Do I feel happy? 

Am I satisfied in my relationships, do I feel secure, are my basic needs being met?  Do I have enough free time?

Now think about this:

What is stopping you from finding the happiness? The abundance that everyone deserves?

(You need to dig deep and be totally honest with yourself.)

When we go deep inside ourselves we discover the blockage and it leads to the following question:


Forgiveness is the most important part of the formula for attracting abundance in all forms (time, health, love, and wealth.)

The act of forgiving releases the ropes that bind you. It releases you from being stuck in the past. 

Holding onto pain, grief, sadness, and resentment is like holding a hot potato straight out of the oven. It's only hurting you! It prevents you from living in and enjoying the present.

Forgiveness is not for the benefit of others, it's for you!

Forgiving is NOT excusing someone's behaviour. Forgiving is not forgetting what happened. 

The act of forgiveness signals to the Universe that you are no longer bound by the actions of that other person. 

Forgiveness acknowledges the pain of sadness/grief/anger and sends this low vibrational energy out to the Universe to be repurposed into something better.

Forgiving someone enables you to discover lessons through your experiences. 

You've survived. 

And now look, you're a better, more improved person! You can even share your discoveries with others and help them.

Once you forgive and let go, you've physically let go of some energy from your body. It was a lower vibrational energy that interferes with moving forward in abundance. 

This makes room for higher vibrational energies: Joy and Love and Gratefulness 

Since Like-Attracts-Like, more of the same can come into our lives.  Forgiveness is the path to abundance in all forms.

But why is it so difficult to forgive? 

We as humans are hard-wired to retaliate when someone hurts us. We want compensation for damages to our pride and to our self-esteem. Essentially, feelings of revenge get in the way.

Sometimes we think: "what's the point of forgiveness." 

We think "he/she will never change anyway, so why forgive him or her?" 

We assign internal causes, like blaming their personality, "She's so forgetful!" Or "He did that on purpose!"

But when we make a mistake, we assign an external cause to it as an excuse, "That was a long train that I had to wait for!" 

We blame others and judge harshly when they fail, but give ourselves excuses and permission for our own selves to fail.

To forgive takes empathy. Empathy means understanding the feelings of another person. (It's impossible to fully understand the other person but it's a good start!)

Empathy leads to forgiveness. Forgiveness leads to abundance.

Try it and see! What do you have to lose except your baggage?

Many Blessings,

Trina Amiot

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    Tasha (Saturday, 14 December 2019 19:44)

    Thank you for sharing this resonates to my core. Confirms that I am growing and following my path��❤️