Negativity Knockout for Abundance

If you've ever watched or heard of anything having to do with attracting happiness and abundance, you may already know that the Universe mirrors our energy profile and sends it back to us.


This article is about working on the equation above to improve our odds of attracting the higher vibrational energy to fulfill our desires such as:

* better career
* that new car/house/item
* more time
* pregnancy
* soul mate
* friendship
* etc.

Since the Universe is a mirror of our thoughts and especially the emotion behind our thoughts, it is important to have good thoughts.

But then real life happens and our positive thoughts become muddled with negative and fear-based thoughts.

One thing we can do is a reset. A Negativity Knockout.
Where we stop letting negativity in for at least awhile.

Negativity can enter our thoughts from external forces such as Facebook, music, news sources and people 
eg. family, friends, work mates

A negativity knockout could include:

* listening to uplifting music such as classical, spa and nature
* Taking a break from Facebook - disabling your profile
* Taking a break from watching or listening to the News
* Taking a break from work and going on a retreat

A negativity break can really help to re-boot your thoughts and the emotions behind them to help manifest happiness and abundance in our lives.

Angel blessings,

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