I'd Rather Create the Future than Predict It!

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated with energy.  The matter that we see is made of molecules and if I were to split them I would get atoms, then electrons, then quarks and bozons etc.


Once you get to the subatomic level, and get into quantum physics, the rules go out the window.  Suddenly I'm immersed in a strange and magical world where I learn that we can influence energy.


Humans can influence energy to manifest a desired outcome.


People do it to heal themselves from disease, attract wonderful opportunities and experiences, improve or attract positive relationships...really whatever the heart desires.


My style of intuitive readings is different.

I don't predict your future, I show you how to create it.


I explore the energetic blocks that are hindering your movement forward.  I teach how to raise one's energetic vibration so that magical things happen in your life.  I can help you become excited about life and harness the magic within you!


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