Best Stones for Your Zodiac Astrology Sun Sign

Gemstones carry an energetic frequency and can help us with many issues.  Here are some of the best crystals for your astrological sun sign: 

Aries: Gold Tiger’s Eye for leadership and commitment 

Taurus: Chrysoprase to overcome envy, and to feel trusting and secure

Gemini: Amber to overcome restlessness 

Cancer: Lepidolite to protect against empathic sensitivity

Leo: Sunstone for confidence 

Virgo: Citrine to banish fear and criticism issues

Libra: Clear Quartz for clarity in decision making

Scorpio: Dalmation stone for some playfulness...to be less serious

Sagittarius: Blue Lace Agate for tactful communication

Capricorn: Gold Apatite to overcome pessimism

Aquarius: Rose Quartz to overcome emotional detachment 

Pisces: Black Tourmaline for escapist tendencies - to ground and protect 

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