How to Cleanse Your Healing Crystals & Gemstones

There are many (easy) ways to cleanse and re-ignite the frequency from your precious gemstones!


Try some of these today, but realize each method has its pros and cons:



Setting your stones out on a full moon is a very popular and efficient cleaning method, but not all full moons are ideal.


It is not recommended to place stones out during a lunar eclipse. 


Additionally, some full moons may affect you negatively if the moon is in a zodiac sign that doesn’t resonate well with you. 


Just “feel” the air and if you feel YES, then go for it!

If not, then try one of the other methods below...



Trust your intuition.



Setting your crystals out in the sunshine is a powerful way to recharge and cleanse your crystals, especially if you place them on the ground. 


In the ancient energy art of Feng Shui, the strong Yang energy of the sun is an important method of neutralizing negative energy. 


How long to sunbathe them? All it takes is a few hours, but again, go with your intuition. 


Note: Some gemstones like Fluorite can turn dull or yellowish in the sun. Do your research first.



One of my personal favorites, Himalayan salt is an ideal and safe way to neutralize negative energy and recharge your precious gems.


Fill a bowl with natural pink Himalayan rock salt and bury your crystals.

Let them rest for about 6 hours.




Did you know that sound is frequency too? Using a Tibetan singing bowl, tuning forks, guitar, piano, other musical instrument or even chakra healing music from your cell phone or TV will help cleanse and recharge. 


Even singing will work! 


Crystals love to be serenaded. It makes them feel special and loved.


Where do you think the iconic “My Pet Rock” comes from?



Washing your crystals under running water will work to energetically cleanse, but some crystals like Selenite do not like water and can melt. 

(Do your Crystal research on this one.)



Waving a tool like a chakra wand and praying/meditating over your crystals will work to remove unwanted negative energy and recharge them for the next healing use.



Burning sage (smudging) will definitely work to cleanse and recharge...but not everyone likes the smoke. 


You can make a spray with about 30 drops of essential oils with filtered water in a small spray bottle, to spray gently on and around gemstones to cleanse and recharge.


(Watch out not to get too much on Selenite or other crystals that can melt.)


Rose, Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang are good cleansing essential oils to start. The higher the frequency the better. 


There are frequency charts online, just google “essential oil frequencies”.


Happy Cleansing!



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