2020 Year of the Metal Rat: Animal Signs Predictions

This year of 2020 hosts the Metal Rat in Chinese astrology. 

Check out what this year has in store for you based on your animal sign:


RAT: Great year for wealth and career. Not so good for romance. If you are in a relationship, take a trip with your partner to keep the spark alive. Your urinary tract may have problems, so keep hydrated with more water and less wine/beer.

OX: Great for finding mentors especially in career related matters. You're popular at work. You will likely find romance this year too. Just don't forget about health and fitness. Eat healthy and exercise. 

TIGER: Wealth opportunities are here for you in 2020 if you are open to travelling. Don't spend on stupid stuff though. Stay away from the water cooler gossip at work. Stay cheery and optimistic if you want to find romance this year. Stay fit in order to keep up with everything.

RABBIT: Wowzers, what a great year for you!  You'll be hopping towards success! Like the Tiger, stay away from gossip at work, and focus on the tasks. A good work ethic will get you very far up the corporate ladder this year. People like you this year. Some of you committed Rabbits will consider tying the knot. Single bunnies will have great luck in the romance department too, as long as they hop towards it, and not wait for someone to sweep them off their feet.  

DRAGON: This is a year of financial planning and strategizing long term. Talk to an accountant and a financial advisor. Get your investments in order and working for you. Coupled dragons will consider tying the knot and single ones can have better luck if they get the courage to convey how you feel.  Don't strain yourself too hard in the exercise department as there is more risk of injury for you this year.

SNAKE: Your health needs alot of attention this year so watch all the little signs your body is telling you. Be careful about your temper as this year you're easily aggravated... think before you speak.  If you show tender appreciation towards the people, they will show more love towards you. There's a high chance of promotion at work as you create better relationships with your superiors. There are opportunities for making and saving more money this year.

HORSE: This year requires more effort on your part to gain wealth. Hard work pays off. But the stress will affect your health if you're not careful,  so make sure you do things to unwind after work, like warm baths, meditation, and massage.  You'll likely feel like nobody is paying attention to you, but your hard work will eventually be rewarded.  You and your partner may go through quite a few challenges, but it will bring you closer in the end. Single horses need new social circles in order to meet new potential partners.

GOAT: You're fortunate and money opportunities are all around you in 2020 unless you're too negative to see them.  Shift your mindset to an attitude of gratitude; being thankful will get you a long way this year.  Don't jump at every career thing. Some of these opportunities won't serve you well. Be patient and choose the opportunities that are good long-term. Time to boost it up in the romance department. Romantic gestures will have more impact this year.  Cook your meals instead of eating out or eating things that come in a box or a can.

MONKEY: Take advice from those wiser and more experienced than you. Especially financial advisors.  Generosity is key; the more you give the more you are rewarded.  Giving doesn't have to be money by the way. It can be giving your time or resources. For example: going through closets and giving away clothes, toys and books. Work on your close relationships on a more substantial level. Your partner will love it when you treat him or her like your best friend.

ROOSTER: Look for ways to diversify your income sources.  Don't put everything in one basket or pigeon-hole your investments. When you get invited to that company trip, go for it with a positive attitude because you will strengthen the relationships with your superiors. Online dating sites have promising results for single roosters.  The point is, don't wait around.  You have to make an effort to get out there. Get out in nature alot this year. Spend as much time outside as possible.

DOG: Not the greatest year for wealth opportunities, and you may actually lose some money...but don't do any get rich quick schemes! Don't invest in any high risk either. Just focus on saving. Show appreciation for  the supportive people in your life. They have your back and offer protection from backstabbers. You'll have a tendency to misunderstand what people really mean this year,  so ask questions like: "Did you mean what you said when you said that, because I took it as this way and I don't feel good about it"
Clarification will go a long way.

BOAR (PIG): Alternative sources of income are coming your way, perhaps in the form of a part-time job. It won't be mind-blowing, but it's something. You'll have good relationships at work and may even enjoy a promotion! Keep on their good sides.  Speaking of relationships, single will be a thing of the past.if you get to know that person on a deeper level. Don't act on impulse.

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