We Manifest What we ARE (not what we want!)

The Universe doesn’t give us what we WANT. It gives us what we ARE.

Think of the Universe as a mirror. It reflects the vibration we put out, and sends us more of that same vibration.

That’s why it is so important to keep your energetic vibration as high as possible. 

Evaluate everything in your life both physical and emotional that needs nurturing, clearing out, and balancing. 

Start with your MIND. Decide what you want and go for it. What makes you feel happy and fulfilled? What makes you feel inspired? Go on that path. Do some mind re-programming like hypnosis on YouTube.

Next, evaluate your RELATIONSHIPS. What needs to be mended? What needs to be emotionally expressed that you’re holding back? 

Then clear out your HOUSE,  clean it physically. Get rid of the clutter and the dust.

Then work on your BODY. Look in the mirror and say out loud how much you love yourself and thank your cells for all the hard work they do. (This prevents cancer.)

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