The Color of Each Day of the Week

Ever attach a color to the days of the week?

For me it’s chakra related:

Monday is red for the root chakra and starting the week off right (stable and secure). Going to climb the line of chakras.

Tuesday is orange sacral chakra which feels happy and feminine, a good creative day. Tuesday for me is usually just a good day. I like cooking new things on tuesdays. 

Wednesday “hump day”  is yellow solar plexus chakra for power and motivation to get over the “hump” and glide through the rest of the week. 

Green is Thursday for the heart chakra. 
Love and being loved, feeling valuable and loving that tomorrow is Friday! haha

Friday is light blue - the throat chakra for communication, so water cooler chatter about the week that has passed and talking about where are we going for end of the week Friday beers and wings?

Saturday is Indigo for intuition and clarity...spending time daydreaming and relaxing and thinking of the week to come and all the potential Wins. No Dream is too big to achieve.

Sunday being the day of worship
(I grew up catholic)
so that would be purple for crown chakra. 
Unity, rest, and spiritual connections.

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