How to Love a Taurus

Happy Birthday Taurus! (the Bull)

April 19 - May 20


My 7 year old son is a Taurus and he often reminds me of a bull in the china shop. When he's in the room, you know it.


His body shape is stocky like that of a football player;  full of muscle with a layer of fat that easily goes away with extra exercise. When he walks around the house, he kind of stomps his feet. He's heavy-footed. 


He is strong and determined just like the bull.  He is very intelligent, persistent and needs a routine to feel safe and secure.  He still loves his security blanket, but just for night time.


He wakes up at the exact same time no matter what, and falls asleep incredibly fast. (I do love how good he is at falling asleep.)

I also have some very good female Taurus friends.  They all exhibit high intelligence as well as a very strong creative streak. (Never insult a Taurus' intelligence.)


A betrayed Taurus may never fully forgive you, so just don't go there. Their morals are extremely high.


When a Taurus feels safe and secure, their creativity shines through.  You never know what masterpiece will arise from their earthly minds!  Painting, building renovation, sculpture,  gardening, Lego, carpentry and singing are a few of their favorite creative outlets.


And you never know what amazing meal they will create. Many Taurus people are restaurateurs or chefs!


Taurus rules the throat and many are monumental singers.  Think Adele, Stevie Wonder, Cher, Barbara Streisand, Billy Joel, Willie Nelson and Bono.

If your little Taurus wants to sing, let them, as it is a good way for them to unleash pent up energy.  


Don't make fast changes for your loved Taurus. They like things slow and methodical. Let them research before investing. They are good at saving money but once in awhile they like to go on a spending splurge. Let them.

They may purchase some fine wine, a gold watch, art, gemstones, accessories or antiques.


Need a birthday gift idea for your beloved Taurus?

Fine chocolates & wine, emerald jewelry, a gourmet meal, designer accessories, silk or satin pajamas, or expensive lotions and oils (with a massage included) will do!


Keep your earthy Taurus friends and family as happy and as comfortable as possible. They will turn out to be the most loyal people in your life. You can trust them forever!

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