The Meaning of 4:44

Seeing 4:44 or combinations of the number 4 lately?


Welcome to the 4th blog post (also a number 4) in my series of "Angel Numbers & What They Mean"


The Universe speaks to us in numbers and we live in a world of mathematics and binary code.




The number 4 means:


  • Stability, Security, a strong foundation (like 4 legs holding up a table)
  • Order & Planning (4. The Emperor in Tarot)
  • The Spiritual Nature of things (the four cardinal directions, the four seasons)
  • The 4th Heart Chakra (love and compassion, a bridge between the spiritual and the physical) 
  • The SouthEast sector
  • Education & Research (Chinese metaphysics)
  • The oldest daughter, Wood element, weight issues, upper legs and hips, studying, upward growth (Feng Shui)


When one sees the number 4, a change is coming regarding feeling more secure. This requires some planning.


A new awakening of some sort. Perhaps a new commitment as well, (or letting go of an old one.)


It’s about learning something new and/or seeking help from a mentor. 


Letting go of lack based mentality.


The Universe is always on your side and when you see the number 4, it’s about getting past any blockages that impede your progress. 


It’s also about creating a strong foundation for your next chapter in life.


If you see 4:44 on the clock, that has a little extra meaning since 4+4+4 adds up to twelve which reduces to 3. Three means merging and growth, so look out for some helpful people and mentors to assist you in your progress.


Enjoy the number 4!


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