How to Love a Sagittarius

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!


November 22 - December 21

Fire sign Sagittarius is the archer and is shown by this glyph: ♐️ 

This arrow flying symbolizes the quest that drives this sign. A freedom quest that fuses instinct with intellect.

They hate being tied down.

Sagittarians usually have brown hair with a healthy complexion (that can get ruddy with inflammation or too much sun). 

They usually don’t plan their clothes for the day and prefer a “last minute” approach to life.

The fire 🔥 within them is impulsive and blisteringly honest. 

(It would be a good idea to think before they speak. “Is what I’m about to say useful? Can I add some tact to the discussion?”)

The truth can be harsh indeed, but it’s important to consider others’ feelings. Don’t want to be too offensive, Sagittarius.

Sometimes they’re just bored and want to have the convo be more exciting!

Your Sagittarius person is so interesting to be around, and is a really fun sign.

They’re philosophical;  preferring ideas to practical applications.

They prefer not to think about emotions and don’t dwell on self-doubt.  They bring enormous creativity to projects with a big swipe of enthusiasm.

Their karmic lesson is to find out what is true and live according to that. 

Travel, freedom, wide-open spaces and friends are some keywords.

Some good careers that offer freedom are:

Travel agent, pilot, philosopher, educator, public relations, writer/publisher, lawyer, therapist, bookseller, working with horses, spiritual guru, priest, spiritual consultant, or Feng Shui practitioner.

They have a secret love of gambling, and shares on a racehorse would be an awesome gift.

Gemstones for your Sagittarian:

Azurite, blue lace agate, chalcedony, labradorite, lspis lazuli, snowflake or gold sheen obsidian, pink tourmaline, garnet, smoky quartz, sugilite, sodalite, Wulfenite and Okenite.

Dandelion, asparagus, tomatoes, burdock, ethnic foods and vegetables with bulbs are good foods for them.

Once Covid is gone, take them to Madagascar, Spain, Australia, India, Tuscany, China and Germany. They also like upper rooms with fireplaces.

Many Sagittarians inherit a sizeable legacy from a family member, likely much more than they’d ever expect. 

But give your Sagittarian their freedom to be impulsive when the mood strikes and they will love you forever!

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