How to Love an Aquarius ♒︎

Aquarius Painting by Tatimoons on Instagram
Aquarius by Tatimoons onInstagram

(Amazing painting by @tatimoons on Instagram)

How to Love Your Aquarius ♒︎
January 19- February 18


Yay for Aquarius season which will help us all lighten up a little!


It's my birthday coming soon on January 22 which is awesome.  I'm proud to be an Aquarius (air sign), and also lucky I was born with water, fire and earth in my chart to help ground me.


(People with too much Aquarius in their planets and houses can become overly detached and think too much into the future.)


Everyone knows an Aquarius.

Most of them are good at computers and smart. But they can talk too much and get lost on a million tangents.


Focus Aquarius! FOCUS!


You think of us Aquarians as weird, eccentric, smart and a little haywire... while we just wish you'd keep up.


We're also quite stubborn since we are born in the FIXED sign group (with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.)


Get 2 Aquarians together and you might as well leave the room because information overload is bound to happen.


It's a good life lesson for the Aquarian:

to listen more to others and zip our mouths more often. Really listen and pay attention. 

It's too easy to get bored and dream off into la-la land, thinking of new inventions to help humanity.

But sometimes your friend just needs an understanding ear without the need to actually solve the problem. 


Aquarians have strong legs...weird thing to say but true.


Their flower is the orchid.


They rule astrology and technology and we started the Age of Aquarius around 2012...which will last for the next 2000 years or so. 


So get used to this new age of Aquarius. Invest in technology, learn new computer skills, learn how to be a knowledge broker. Thrive in this new way of tech and knowledge.


Gifts for the Aquarian:

  • Gadgets (especially the electronic/computer kind) hint: newest iPhone please
  • Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils
  • Amethyst and Aquamarine healing gemstones
  • An astrology book or product
  • Organic foods, wine or health products
  • New Age stuff
  • Real Estate
  • Photos of the family/cute relationship photo for their workplace/office
  • Long term investments like a GIC or RRSP
  • Something weird and interesting


Aquarius people are naturally rebellious since they're ruled by the planet Uranus, and will NOT CONFORM.


Things are changing fast!

Hang out more with your fellow Aquarians for some of their ju-ju to help you adapt to the "new normal.”


Which by the way, as an Aquarian myself, I HATE that saying.

What is "normal" anyway? Let's get into a discussion about why normal is subjective and...


See? That kind of philosophical conversation is totally Aquarius. And here we go off on another tangent...


But think about how cool is it that you were born to see both the Age of Pisces and Age of Aquarius! 


Watch my Youtube video of The Age of Aquarius for more information.

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Written by Trina Amiot

+ Author of The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards

+ Founder of TheMoonTree.org


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