How to Love a Pisces ♓️

How to Love a Pisces ♓️ 
February 18 - March 20

It’s Pisces season! An inner time to reflect, create and get ready for the Spring Equinox.

Compassion, imagination, creativity and intuition are the keywords at this time.

I have two special Pisces men in my life and both enjoy the escape of watching movies to wind down from a long day.
They take pride in their work and are friendly and charming with the people. 

Pisces people have beautiful eyes; hypnotic pools in which to drown.

Pisceans give to those in need in some way; their time, money and/or energy.
They rarely say no to a request for help.

They’re like psychic sponges; absorbing energies from everyone and everything.
It’s tough to know if their feelings are their own or they’ve absorbed someone else’s.

Because of this, some Pisceans adopt escapism behaviour like drugs or alcohol.

They are committed to their relationships and usually don’t do well without a mate.

They can be overprotective of the children.

(It would be better for the Pisces parent to let the kids assert their independence, make mistakes and learn their life lessons.)

Pisces is loaded with money-making initiative and will do well with long term investing.

Ignore the short term daily highs and lows that can trigger an emotional rollercoaster. They should give themselves a weekly allowance and save long-term through payroll deductions. 

Advice for a Pisces:
• Before buying that thing on impulse...think it through for a few days.
• Your karmic lesson is to learn to empathize without taking on someone else’s pain.

Pisces Careers:

health & medicine, oil & gas, school, photography, fishing, oceanography, dance, music and art.

Gifts for your Pisces include:

• anything romantic like candles, crystals and perfumes
• gifts with a touch of luxury
• high quality footwear  

Some healing gemstones especially for your Pisces include:

• amethyst
• moonstone
• black tourmaline
• labradorite
• blue lace agate
• smoky quartz 
• turquoise
• chrysoprase
• shunghite
• bloodstone 
• aquamarine 

A vacation to Portugal (especially Lisbon), France (especially Normandy), Spain or Hollywood would be fun for your Pisces.

Trina Amiot
Intuitive Guide

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