How to Love a Taurus ♉︎

Taurus painting by @tatimoons on Instagram
Taurus painting by @tatimoons on Instagram

How to Love a Taurus ♉︎
April 19 - May 20

It’s Taurus season! A time for comfort and pleasure-loving!


Aries season was about getting things started and moving, whereas Taurus season is about getting organized and developing an action plan. (hint: in Canada, the tax deadline for most is on April 30)


But your Taurus will not be rushed. They are steady and reliable and will finish the task on their own time. Determination, clumsiness, thoroughness and stubborness are some of their keywords.


Taurus rules the throat chakra and that's why many legendary singers have Taurus in their charts. Think Adele, Barbara Streisand, Kelly Clarkson, Stevie Wonder, Cher, Janet Jackson and Billy Joel for example.

I have a Taurus son and a Taurus bestie who embody many of the creative and practical, routine-loving traits. Their motto is "I Have" ... life is about me and my resources. 

More of it is about possessions.  Their homes are filled with art, collectibles, plants, dishes, and decorated with furnishings that are beautiful but designed for comfort.


They enjoy their comfort food and a set daily routine. They're master shoppers and will always find the good deals. They're hard workers and have a lazy streak too. They need the freedom to work at their own pace.

HINT: If you let your Taurus think it was their idea, they'll be more likely to do it.


With Venus ruling their sign, the Taurus person is naturally creative and good about money matters. They are lucky in the lottery and/or get an inheritance. They're often at the right place at the right time.


Taurus Careers:
• architect / builder

• restaurant critic / restauranteur

• farmer/gardener/ horticulturalist

• administrator / government employee / office worker

• massage therapist

• singer/actor/artist/art dealer

• florist

• hair stylist

• interior decorator

• estate agent

• history museums

• mortgage / loan officer

• bank teller

• investment banker

•  retail

Advice for a TAURUS:



• Find a way to forgive and forget

• Transmute jealousy and resentment into a creative thing (eg write a song, poem or book, paint or draw a picture about it about it to release those feelings.)

• Find your inner security ...rather than seeking outer security through possessions

Gifts ideas for your Taurus:

• gift certificate to a fancy restaurant

• gold watch

• a gourmet meal

•  comfy pajamas, silk PJs or satin sheets (sensual, comforting)

• luxury chocolates, wine

• high quality essential oil kit

• gift certificate to Amazon


Wrapping means everything, so wrap your gift up nice for your Taurus!

Healing gemstones:
• Emerald

• Aquamarine

• Topaz

• Azurite

• Diamond

• Malachite

• Rose Quartz

•  Kyanite

• Lapis Lazuli

• Rhodonite

• Sapphire

• Selenite

• Tiger's Eye

• Tourmaline

• Variscite

A vacation to The Greek Islands, Italy, Ireland, or Switzerland would be fun for your Taurus.

If that's too far, take him/her to a luxury hotel or anywhere warm. 

Trina Amiot
Intuitive Guide


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