How to Love Your Leo

Happy Birthday Leo ♌️ 

July 21 - August 22

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It’s Leo season! An enthusiastic, active and outgoing time to connect with the child within us. 

A time to enjoy some luxuries. (Many Leos are connoisseurs of fine wines.)

Leo is a fixed fire sign that rules the 5th house of fun, creativity, children and gambling. 

It’s planetary ruler is the Sun. When they walk into a room you know it. They have a stage presence, and are dressed well usually with statement jewelry. 

The heart is ruled by Leo and it’s glyph:  ♌️ is the Lion’s mane. 

The king of beasts. (Incidentally, most Leos have a nice head of hair.)

Courageous, a performer, romantic and generous, just like the lion on The Wizard of Oz.

Leo (“I Will”) is part of the Fixed signs group (along with Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.)

Fixed signs can be stubborn and resistant to change. They just like it when things stay the same. 

Their loyal personality sees things through to the end, even when others would have given up a long time ago. 

When vulnerable, a Leo person becomes patronizing, pompous, boisterous and overbearing. A bit too much “me-me-me” if you will.

They dislike stress which affects their back and heart. 

Walnuts, peas, oranges and plums can help. So can magnesium phosphate and the Bach flower remedy Vervain. 

Acupuncture that focuses on the heart meridian will also provide relief. 

A Leo needs to have sexual activity, romance, exercise and low frustration to have the healthiest life. 

They are part of the Fire signs group (alongside Aries and Sagittarius) who have high creativity and an appetite for experience. They are the “do-ers” of the zodiac. 

Leo Careers:

  • Supervisory/leadership roles
  • Jewelry businesses 
  • Teacher
  • Actor
  • Fitness manager
  • Heart surgeon 
  • Managing Director
  • Heating engineer
  • Goldsmith or gold dealer
  • Dancer
  • Professional sports/coaches/commentators
  • Television producer
  • Fashionista
  • Singer 
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Youth worker
  • Fundraiser
  • Leisure Center manager  
  • Cardiologist 

Advice for a Leo:

• Discipline is important to keep the ego in check and avoid drama-Queen behaviour

• Balance your spending and shop for bargains  

• Take a chance on lottery sometimes but beware of gambling 

• Try not to be over-demanding; find a win-win and show appreciation to others  

Gifts ideas for your Leo:

• Expensive meal out at a high end restaurant 

• A fancy suite in a hotel 

• Fine wine and cheese basket

• Cashmere and gold

• A flattering picture of your Leo in an ornate frame

• Art supplies  

• Broadway tickets to CATS

Healing gemstones:

• Tiger’s Eye

• Carnelian

• Chrysocolla 

• Emerald 

• Petalite

• Larimar

• Turquoise 

A vacation to:

Rome, France, Mumbai, exclusive resorts, or anywhere near castles and a warm fire is a fun vacay for your Leo ♌️.

Trina Amiot


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