When will COViD End? Predictions Inside…

Here’s your answer:

We are in the Metal Ox year of 2021.

September and October are also METAL Months in Chinese astrology.

That’s Double Metal. 

So we can expect more masking, 

the needle talk and other “C-Word” things for awhile yet. 


Will it ever end? 


Not until we switch to Period 9 which happens from 2024 - 2043. 

The Fire 🔥 element of Period 9 burns metal.


It is ruled by women, technology, wine, beauty and spiritually.  It rules eyesight, psychology, telepathy and outer space.


Women in their 30-50s will be dominating the world stage. Yay for us!!!


There’s your hope. 


Not exactly what you wanted to hear but it’s better than a kick in the arse.


And now about our present time:


It can be hard for us during Virgo season until September 22 .. with all those details and getting everything done. 


My Virgo son turned 6 today and birthday parties can be stressful for the parents (can I get an Amen?)


With kids, the C-word, work, spouse and family matters, it seems there’s always something important to do!


What’s most important is to make time to chill and nurture yourself, at least after the kids go to bed. 

You need fuel in the tank to keep things going and be able to care for others. Put yourself first. This isn’t selfish, this is a necessity!


Ask For Help when you need it. There’s no prize or trophy 🏆 by doing everything yourself. 


This upcoming week will bring some insecurities in love relationships and those at work.


Watch this week’s energy forecast to learn how to navigate these energies like a superstar!


Click here to watch, and read the description of the video for extra energy info. 

Happy healing!

Helping You Navigate Life’s Energies

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