Happy Birthday Scorpio • October 23 - November 22

Happy Birthday Scorpio ♏️ 
October 23 - November 22 

It’s Scorpio season! A time for relentlessly unearthing secret information and bringing the dark into the light.

A time for strategy, self empowerment and strong intuition. 

A time for exploring the sexual parts of ourselves. 

The glyph is a scorpion, and their penetrating stingers can be very useful when used for honourable purposes. 

Determined Scorpio (keyword: “I Desire”) is ruled by Pluto, the planet of deep transformation. 

This is the energy of the researcher, the detective, the investigator.

In a perfect world for Scorpio, everyone would be empowered, with no fake bullshit from politicians and the media. 

The Power for anyone to achieve what they are set out to do in this lifetime. 

Scorpio is part of the Fixed signs group (along with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius), which means these signs are stubborn. 

You can rely on them to get the job done with determination and endurance. 

Scorpio is part of the water sign group which means they are intuitive to the point of being psychic.

They rule the 8th house of transformation, sex and our other money like investments, loans and spousal income.

It’s a good season to look into mastering the dark parts of ourselves and getting our debts and future money in order. 

A good time to get refinancing on the mortgage or a cheaper interest on the ol’ credit card.

Also a good time to get our will and legacy stuff in place. (We all die at some point.)

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