Home Energy Clearing Party (via Zoom)



 Join us this Saturday, April 13 at:


~ 11:00 AM Pacific

~ 12:00 PM Mountain

~ 1:00 PM Central

~ 2:00 PM Eastern


Get out the White Sage and your powerful Goddess attitude because it's time for an energy cleansing party where together, we will clean the energies out of our homes and I'll show you how to properly use different tools like singing bowls along the way!


Card Readings for those amazing Souls who want to stick around...


Suggested Items to Buy at Your Local Metaphysical Store Before the Party:


* White Sage to Burn (or white sage spray if your husband says the smoke gives him a headache)

* Selenite stick

* A get-it-done attitude


Link to Replay will be available after the party.


Price: $20 USD

Value: Priceless