Matrix Spiritual Accelerator Pack

The Matrix Spiritual Accelerator Pack to navigate the simulation with confidence.

 Increase your awareness, supercharge your intuition and connect to the Divine to co-create a life you love.


  •  Your personal Power of 8 card reading Video + Energy activation for spiritual awakening (code 0010110)
  •  36 doses of Monatomic Gold electron drops - from sacred indigenous land in British Columbia, Canada 
  •  Handmade mini orgonite chakra wand (intuitively handchosenby me)
  •  The Power of 8 Lenormand + Chakra Oracle cards Set (sent fast via Canada Post with tracking number)





Matrix Spiritual Acceleration Pack


  • Ships within 3-5 days



Q. What’s monatomic gold electron drops and how do I use them?

Monoatomic gold is known to work in the spiritual realm alongside the physical, imprinting your intent much more strongly while accelerating your 3rd eye and Crown chakras. 

This accelerates your spiritual awareness and provides enhanced intuition and spiritual awareness. 

If enlightenment is your goal, this is your jam! 



Pour 3 drops on top of your head or between your eyebrows once daily 

(or every other day if you’re experiencing too much psychic stimulation)



Be careful to not use more than 3 drops a day or you could get too much stimulation and be frustrated by hearing the thoughts of EVERYONE around you. 

And That’s Just Not Fun.


So listen to the recommendations and start with 3 drops every other day. You can upgrade to every day once you’re comfortable in your new reality.


Q. What is the orgonite chakra wand?

This is a handmade energy tool by my Power of 8 partner Michelle from Squirrelly Creations.

This amazing wand collects orgone energy from the atmosphere for:

  • clearing harmful energy on your body or property
  • manifestation acceleration
  • protection against EMF and other types of harmful energy
  • relief from sore body parts
  • connection to energies beyond the spectrum of our human eyes 


Place on sore body parts, wave it around while you make a wish, hold it while connecting to your passed away loved ones, carry it in your bra or pocket, carry it while using  electronics and WiFi… (be free and use it like a magic wand)


Q. What’s the Personal Intuitive Reading Video with Energy activation all about?

I’ll pull your personal charts and do a card reading for you on your pre-recorded video (as seen on my YouTube channel) that you can watch again and again. 

… and at the end of your video you can enjoy an Energy Activation for 0010110 the DNA activation code for spiritual awakening.


*I did this on myself a few years ago and it changed my life; it really enhanced my psychic abilities so I know it works. *


Q. Is there a lower price? I feel this is too expensive.

If you feel the price is too expensive then you aren’t ready to experience next level psychic awareness (but only because you've got some energy to work through first.)

And that’s okay! 

Contact me for a mini reading to get through those abundance blocks.