How to Rid Yourself of Bad Energy



I’ve had a really bad experience in my past ... and ever since then my life is so challenging!


Do I have demons or something stuck on me? 


Am I meant to have a crappy life forever because it’s supposed to be my spiritual path, is this my destiny? 


Please Help!



MY ANSWER: Don’t feel bad or harbour any guilt, as all of us have some negative energy stuck in us and attached to our biofields (whether we want to admit it or not.)


You may have taken on some negative energy from that event... or likely a combination of events.


I believe in combining spirit with science and ... I believe in solutions.


So here’s a starter plan, for cleansing your energy fields of negative energy.





You’ve completed this step one already. You recognize the connection between the event and how you feel. 


Good for you for listening to your intuition! Now you can take the next step.





You’ve already 1/2 completed this step by asking for help! Yay!


Next, you’re going to need to ask the higher powers to assist you in the future steps of this plan. 


Invite the following good guys to your cleansing party:

  • Archangel Michael to cut the cords
  • Archangel Raphael to “vacuum” the negative energy 
  • Jesus, to oversee and protect
  • Your guardian angels, your spirit guides and your smart and stable loved ones who have passed on.

This is your Spirit Team to help support you through the cleanse (and beyond.)




  • Essential oils raises our vibration, any kind you like will do!
  • Selenite is a high frequency vibration rock for energy cleansing and would be a good tool for this process.
  • Burning White sage releases negative energy.   (Google “white sage smudging.”)
  • Holy water would be good too (but  it’s not readily available)


NOTE: You don’t actually need tools for the plan to work. They just amplify your INTENT.





Don’t do this step in your bedroom.

Go to your kitchen table.


You will by now be going through a lot of doubting feelings like:


  • OMG this is gonna be stupid
  • am I really going to do this?
  • I don’t believe in this crap.
  • I’m scared.


Don’t worry about all that doubting and fear, it’s natural. It’s ego


And you know what else? 

it’s negative energy getting nervous that you’re getting rid of it!!


When I’m feeling defensive, I switch all thoughts to my pink love light with gold sparkles that fully surrounds me.


I generate love vibes.

(Negative things don’t like Love frequency.)


Be brave and trust that you are protected. 


And just know that you got this! 


You are stronger than you know!


Also I want to point out that our ego and brain programming gets in the way of the heart. 


Keep in mind that ego stands for Edging God Out and we don’t want to do that.


We want to let God in and shine all that goodness into the dark. 


Okay back to the cleansing:



a. Breathe deeply and fill every cell in your body with Pink love light. 

Extend that light around you like a shield. 



b.  Ask your spiritual helpers to sit around the table. 

(The more you believe, the more this will work.)



c. Say a prayer


I like The Lord’s Prayer but you can say whatever prayer makes you feel safe. 


The point is to put a veil of protection and activate the healing light.


Angels and spirit can only help us if we give them permission and ask. 


✨This is the Law of Free Will.✨



Talk to your team like you’re having a conference:


“Ok team, thank you for joining me here today! 


I am ready to cleanse myself of all the negative energy so that I may move forward in the peace, health and love that I deserve. 


Thank you for helping me do this today! I feel excited and happy about my future!


Archangel Michael, please cut the negative cords... and any other cords of fear that aren’t doing me any good.”



Now take your selenite wand and go through your whole body Helping him to cut the cords. 


(Don’t forget your hands and the bottoms of your feet, as there are hundreds of meridians there)


Obviously archangels don’t NEED help but this action of helping shows that you are ready to take responsibility of your own body, mind and soul. 


That you are ready for REAL ...to do this!


This is your body! Your mind! Your soul! Respect your gift of life.💕


Now say:


“Archangel Raphael, I ask that you fill my heart with your Green love energy. 


Help me see compassion. Help me to see beauty in all things.


Help me to love myself so I can spread love to the rest of the world. 


I now ask that you vacuum up any remaining negative energy in my body. 


Thank you. Amen”



d. Now send out love frequency to envelope the whole world. Like a veil of pink that surrounds all of earth.



e. say one more prayer, tell your spirit team thanks and say goodbye.



f. You will Cry.


That’s okay, that’s release of energy.


Now go have a nice bath with Epsom salts and Himalayan rock salts and baking soda.


Listen to soft healing music on YouTube while you bathe. 


Imagine any residual energy going down the drain.


You have a fresh squeaky clean energy field now!! Yay!





When there is a release as big as yours, you will feel empty in some parts of your body.


You’ll need to nurture yourself and fill up the spaces in your body with white light where the negative energy was dwelling for so long.


Now it’s time to transform.


Get rid of anything that lowers your vibration. Anything that brings you down. Anything that doesn’t feel right. 


This can include places, people, certain tv shows & movies, addictions, feelings, situations. Etc.


Release that which no longer serves you. Clean out everything, including your closets and drawers.


White sage smudge your house.


Only focus on positive, abundant, peaceful thoughts. Eat your green vegetables for the heart chakra.


Research new ways of raising your energetic frequency ...like sound healing.


Think love love love.

When in doubt, always switch your thoughts to:


💕What Would Love Do?💕





Now you have the skills and knowledge to help someone else going through similar thing. 


You will start attracting good things in your life, but you will also attract people who need your help.


 How will you love the world today?


Happy Healing!



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    Chris (Tuesday, 01 January 2019 22:35)

    Thank you for this! I always just did what intuitively felt right which is great but, this is such an excellent map I’m going to follow it!!

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    Geovany (Sunday, 13 January 2019 17:36)

    Thank you trina for your helpp