How to Love a Virgo

How to Love a Virgo ♍️ 

August 22-September 22

I woke up this morning thinking Happy Birthday Virgo. Outside, I could hear hammering and other sounds of construction.

Two geese flew by honking about goose stuff. I had images of people harvesting their gardens and preserving food.

Virgo Season for me, marks the early start of Autumn 🍂. You can feel the change in the wind. 

Virgo being an Earth sign, likes to work with the earth and it’s resources. Virgo rules The Harvest.

Your Virgo does things precisely. They like boxes and putting things into piles. 

Their ruling planet is Mercury, and they‘re analytical, critical, cautious and sensible. 

They should read “The Art of Not Giving a F—*” which would help with any overly perfectionistic tendencies that could block any forward movement in their lives. 

This book can also help with over-worrying about things.

Many Virgos are workaholics. 

They enjoy being of service. They need to feel useful and do things efficiently. Their love language usually has “acts of service” towards the top of their list.

Your special Virgo has to make pros and cons lists before making a decision. This can be frustrating for you. Like analysis paralysis. 

Give them the time they need to work things out and don’t rush them. 

They have trouble taking a stand because of being flexible and adaptable so protect and stand up for your loved Virgo; be on their team. 

They’ll appreciate that so much.

Your Virgo lover has a high sexual drive, but needs lots of love,  gentleness and understanding mixed in. 

When it comes to gemstone healing, Virgo resonates with the softer Yin energy of:

Amazonite, Moonstone, Moss Agate, Chrysocolla, Opal, Sodalite, Sapphire, Carnelian, Sugilite and Garnet.

Some Virgo plants are:

Buttercup, Lavender, Aster, Flax, Forget-Me-Not and Morning Glory.

Take your Virgo on a vacation to Switzerland, Paris, Greece, Heidelberg, Boston or a special trip to the family farm.

Your Virgo enjoys being pampered. 

Gift ideas could be:

Subscriptions to a health club/Spa or magazine, relaxation tools, essential oils or else something pertaining to a favourite pastime.

Virgos are thrifty and usually budgets things carefully. They love a bargain. 

This sign is usually the financial person of the household, as they always know where the money goes. Bills are paid on time and they abhor any debt. Their investments grow slow and steady. 

Your Virgo enjoys health and wellness so make sure you get exercising and learning about healthy yet delicious recipes with them. 

They are natural healers (in medicine, yoga, meditation, alternative health, etc) and enjoy learning about natural healing.

Hug your Virgo Today!

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