The Meaning of 9

Seeing 9 or combinations of the number 9 lately?


Welcome to the 9th blog post in my series of "Angel Numbers & What They Mean"


The Universe speaks to us in numbers and we live in a world of mathematics and binary code.


9 is a positive number in both Chinese and Western numerology.  It means pleasure and joy.


It indicates that you're just about there, at the 10... but you might still be seeking something.  It's about enjoying the little things that make life magical and going with the flow.


Let's see how Traditional Tarot reflects the 9:


9 of Cups: wishes and dreams are becoming real

9 of Swords: anxiety and sleepless nights

9 of Coins: enjoying the good life

9 of Wands: persistance, fatigue, tired of fighting


The number 9 for me personally is a reminder to be flexible and go with the flow.

It's a reminder to follow the path of least resistance.  


If we're constantly swimming against the current, that's not fun at all. Swimming against the current is tiring and frustrating. It doesn't feel peaceful or serene. Constant resistance ages us and makes us ill. 


The less time I have to spend on useless thoughts (such as fear or judgement) the better my life feels. The more inspiration I receive to grow in my life.


Enjoying nature, building up my business, enjoying quality time spent with friends and family.


I enjoy life alot more when I'm relaxed and going WITH the current, co-creating with the Universe and trusting that the Universe has my back.


The less fear and anxiety taking up space in my brain, the more inspirational energy I can receive. 


And that's just good ju-ju.


If you're having trouble with resistance, check out my Forgiveness blog article.




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